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About Us

Delivery Sansar Logistics was established with a motive of delivering fast, reliable and quality service along with gaining trust and maintaining long-term relation with our customers. Our  experience and expertise have led the company to gain a strong foothold in the market along with a reliable set of networks and collaborations with other third-party service providers.





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Our Services

Appropriately foster professional initiatives rather than out-of-the-box growth strategies. Dramatically repurpose fully researched schemas via bleeding-edge best practices. Uniquely simplify diverse expertise with interactive communities.

Air Freight

Packages deliveries outside of valley can be done via Air

Land Transportation

We have very reliable land ways transportation management


Your packages will be safe with our advance warehouse system


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Anamnagar, Kathmandu



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Our Location

Our Branches

Our active & Branches


Anamnagar, Kathmandu 015920233 9821332535 Ktmbranch@deliverysansar.com

Pokhara Branch

Lakeside 9856002597 pokharabranch@deliverysansar.com

Chitwan Branch

chitwan narayghat 9845362603 chitwanbranch@deliverysansar.com


Butwal 9800756508 butwal@deliverysansar.com


Damak Jhapa 9815186149 damak@deliverysansar.com


Birtamode jhapa 9843882301 biratamode@deliverysansar.com

Ithari Branch

hospital line 9807326321 itharibranch@deliverysansar.com


Ghorahi 9809552974 dang@deliverysansar.com

Dharan Branch

Dharan 9808773522 Dharanbranch@deliverysansar.com

Control Branch

Ktm 9841022977 control@deliverysansar.com


Hetauda 9845829295 hetaudabranch@deliverysansar.com


BIRENDRANAGAR 9841022977 surkhet@deliverysansar.com


cp 9810243690 kcpdeliverysansar@gmail.com


cp 9810243690 nkcpdeliverysansar@gmail.com

Nipesh Karki

Godwarii 9810243690 karkinipu111@gmail.com


siddharthnagar Bhairhawa 9811971630 bhairahawadeliverysansar@gmail.com

Terms & Conditions

Our Terms & Conditions


In tendering the pickup and delivery for an order, the Agreeing Partner agrees to these terms and conditions of carriage and has been prepared by Delivery Sansar and will be liable for the service to the partner and partner’s customer. Here onwards Delivery Sansar is to be known as ‘1st party’ and Agreeing Partner is to be known as ‘2nd party’. As used in these conditions, 1st Party’s all operating divisions, subsidiaries, their respective agents, employees and officers are responsible for timely delivery to the desired 2nd Party’s customers. In this Agreement, ‘’Delivery Sansar’’ shall represent ‘’1st Party and ‘’2nd Party’’ shall represent ‘’Vendors, Store Owners or someone who uses 1st Party as their delivery partner’’.


  1. Scope of Conditions

These conditions shall govern and apply to all services provided by 1st Party. By agreeing this contract, on behalf of 2nd party he/she has read these conditions and agrees and acknowledges that to be bound by 2nd Party. The 1st Party Hereby agrees to pick-up, dispatch and collect cash for 2nd Party’s documents/parcels/packages to respective address covering its area of operation.


  1. Charges & Rates

Per unit delivery charges and rates applies as per Annexure-1.Packages up to 2 kg will be considered as one unit. For the parcels above 2 kg, every kilogram will be considered as additional one unit.


  1. Invoice of Goods

2nd Party agrees to include invoices of goods in the parcel and if the goods/parcels get suspected (found to be illegal) by any government authorities on the ground of unavailability of proper invoice, 1st Party shall not be liable for any claim or cases.





  1. Pick-Up Time Schedule & Charges

2nd Party will not be liable for any charges if the parcel will be 3 or more once for a day. If 2nd party request for another pickup services on same for 3 or more parcel than charge will be liable. If less than 3 parcel at a time charge will be applicable each time.

2nd Party will not be forcing 1st party to pick-up documents/parcels beyond working hour or day from any counter or specific counter. In any special cases it can be done with mutual understanding.


  1. Delivery time

2nd Party will get the service in reasonable time frame i.e.  Within 4 days on an average all over Nepal. Any delays by external factors (outside the control) of provider will be notified as early as possible.


  1. Hold Time

2nd Party shall follow-up and attempts to deliver the package/parcels/Documents to the desired customers up to 5 days. Packages/parcels/document not delivered within 5 days are subject to return.


  1. Online Tracking

1st Party will provide log in detail to the 2nd Party. With the help of provided log in details, 2nd party can track the parcels.


  1. Payment Schedules

COD’s of 2nd Party will be cleared by 1st party within 3 pm daily except public holidays . If there are any dues to be paid to 1st Party, we will request you to clear it within next 24 hours too, as a standard of the company.


  1. Fragile Goods

Fragile Goods, that requires special handling, perishable items like glass, electronic, gadgets will charge extra as per company rate charges.